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Welcome to MotherlodeGoldBay Auctions, home of "The Most Addictive Auctions On The Internet!"  Our auctions work a little bit differently - but once you’ve bid and won a few items, we know you’ll love them.

There’s a few key things that are different from other auctions you might have used online:

So let's take a look at how it works:

1.  All of the Items on MotherlodeGoldBay Auctions are concisely described in each auction item. Gold Nuggets and specimens are one of a kind and can only be won by one person, if the auction allows for buy it now and a bidder wants to redeem his bids we will provide an equivalent gold items as an option. See details in each item listed

2.  Each item starts with a a Bidding Price of just $0.01 cents.  There is no reserve price for the auctions.

3.  Every time a bid is placed the price on the item goes up just $0.01 cent!
When a bid is placed in the last few minutes of an auction, we extend the auction time by up to 20 seconds.

4.  When the Countdown clock gets to Zero, whoever is the bidder that placed the final bid, wins the auction and can now purchase the item for the price of their MotherlodeGoldBay Auction!  Check out The Awesome Deals People Are Getting on the winners page!

5.  There is a small charge for each bid ($0.60), which allows us to offer the most awesome deals on the internet!

6. Different Types Of Auctions

1.  Set Price Auctions - Set Price Auctions are exactly what they sound like.  Basically, the price of the item is set and no matter what the bid price goes to, the winner will only pay the Set Price for that item.  So, let's say the 1 gram of gold nuggets auction is a Set Price Auction with a Set Price of just $40.00.  The bidding will start at $0.01 Cent and for every bid placed the price goes up $0.01 cents and up to 20 secondsis added to the countdown clock.  Even if the final bid comes in at $45.00, the winner will still only pay the $40.00 Set Price for the gold nuggets!

2.  Totally Free Auctions -  These auctions are totally free to the winner.  No matter what the winning bid price is, the winner will not pay anything for that item.  It's Totally Free!

3.  One Cent Auctions - On One Cent Auctions, instead of the item starting at 10 cents and going up 10 cents with each bid, Once Cent Auction Items start at just 1 Cent and with every bid placed, go up just 1 cent.

4.  Night Auctions -  These are set auctions that only run for a limited amount of time at night.

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