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1922 - 1925 Peace Silver Dollar VG - Random

A U.S. Peace silver dollar coin minted between 1922-1925. These coins are in VG condition
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Product Detail

1922 - 1925 Peace Silver Dollar VG - Random


Product Description

A U.S. Peace silver dollar coin minted between 1922-1925. These coins are in VG condition, with some wear and some luster. Most of these coins have contact marks, and may have light toning spots. Please see the product images for examples. Coins come from a variety of mints - Philadelphia (no mintmark), Denver ("D" mintmark) and San Francisco ("S" mintmark). 
The photos are pictures of a VG Peace Dollar showing the typical condition and wear and what you can expect from the coin you win/buy

The successor to the Morgan dollar, these beautiful silver coins were minted from 1921-1935. The Peace dollar commemorates the end of World War I and the return of world peace. The obverse side of the coin features the portrait of a young Lady Liberty, while the reverse features a proudly defiant bald eagle perched on a mountaintop, bathed in the rays of the setting sun. The Peace dollars were the last silver dollars produced by the U.S. Mint. This old coin is a large, hefty chunk of silver, measuring an inch and a half across. 

Specifications: Each coin measures 38mm in diameter, weighs 26.7g, and is made of .900 fine silver.
      To understand Peace Dollar grades please visit this PCGS Grading Guide

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