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3lb paydirt with 1 gram gold

This paydirt is provided by Goldbay.com who has been selling paydirt online since 1999.
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Product Detail

3lb paydirt with 1 gram gold


3lb - 1 gram Chunky Paydirt for sale/auction

3lb PayDirt Sale – Paydirt bag of gold concentrates is guaranteed to contain at least 1 grams of flakes and nuggets. THIS IS RICH STUFF!

Once you have tried our paydirt gold concentrates you wont go anywhere else! Our Paydirt has been reviewed independently on Youtube and you can see that HERE 

If you shop around you will see that our paydirt prices are very competitive and we have hundreds of reviews.

Every paydirt order is of course backed by our 100% money back guarantee for ANY reason.

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