Your Account

Each person can have only one account and you're not allowed to sell it.

Winning Limits

Like some sites that have winning limits, we have none - so Bid and Buy all you want!

Team Play

You are'nt allowed to bid in the same auction with family members, friends, or acquaintances because it will make other bidders feel like they're at a disadvantage. Bidders found to be participating in teams will have their auction wins voided, and in some cases they may be suspended or banned permanently without a chance to receive any sort of refund.

Using Third Party Bidding Software

Using any kind of 3rd party bidding software is against our site rules. We will void auction wins and suspend or permanently ban any accounts caught using tools like this to bid on our site.

Picking Usernames

So that people don't become upset or confused, your username can't be obscene or misleading with the purpose of impersonating another user or somebody associated with our company.