Bid Smart

Bidding rapidly can waste your bids and raise the auction price up really high. Make sure you bid strategically, or use our auto bidder to do it for you.

Use Your Auto Bidder

Lots of auctions are won by using the Auto Bidder. The Auto Bidder strategically places bids for you right at the last second. It's simple to use, you can limit how many bids are used and cancel it at any time.

Watch Your Competition

Who else is bidding and winning? Watch and learn the strategies they're using to win.

Buy It Now & Get a Discount

If you bid on an auction and don't win you get a discount on the price equal to 90% of the value of the bids you spent. For example, lets say you used 6 bids on an auction - that means you would get $5.90 off the "Buy It Now" price.

Check Out All The Winners

Check out the winners page to see recently won items and their final prices.